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1.1. What is the Unnamed search that appears in My Selection Lists?

Confirmed Version: Evergreen 2.1

In the Acquisitions module of Evergreen, when performing a General Search that involves the specific type "line items & catalog records" the staff user working with the module will notice upon switching to the My Selection Lists page an additional pre-filled search titled "Unnamed" that appears to be filled with random items.

This "canned" search is created within /openils/var/web/js/ui/default/acq/search/unified.js by virtue of the function URIManager. In this portion of code, there are several different canned searches, however the one pertinent to this issue is pl, which refers to picklist.

When the staff member executes a search in General Search and specifically chooses line items & catalog records, a canned search is simultaneously created from the general results that is output to My Selection Lists as Unnamed. This canned search utilises the union of all items contained in the search results that were also created by the staff member running the general search.

Members with admin permissions may or may not notice items created by other staff connected to the Admin account.

This Unnamed search may serve as a starting point for a staff member creating a new pick list, and may be ignored or deleted at will.

Any future General Searches with the above parameter update and change the Unnamed search results. If Unnamed is deleted, a new search will re-create it.

This is a normal function of the Evergreen system.

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