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2.1. Examining Reports

>>>examining currently running/overdue/scheduled reports<<<
   Say you want to see what reports claim to be running right now.  In the

       select * from reporter.currently_running;

   The name column should match report names listed in `ps ax|grep -i clark`.

   If you want to know what reports need to run ASAP (their run_time is here):

       select * from reporter.overdue_reports;

   And, finally if you want to see what reports will run in the future:

       select * from reporter.pending_reports;

   Now, if you want to see what queries are currently executing, and for how long
   they've been running, ordered by the duration:

       select now() - query_start as duration,procpid,current_query from
         pg_stat_activity where current_query <> '<IDLE>' order by 1;

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