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6.1. Built in Self Check Basics

Q.) Is self checkout only accessible via a web browser or is there a client that can be installed?

A.) For self-checkout, the Firefox web browser is basically the client.  It could also be embedded in the staff client, but I don't see much point in that.

You'll need version 3 or greater for audio support.
Q.) Is the receipt printing setup similar to printing in the staff client (html template)?

A.) Self-check receipts are generated from HTML templates.  The mechanism is a little simpler in self-check than in the staff client.  It just formats the data based on the configuration and sends it to whatever printer is connected. 

Two things are needed to enable printing:

In Firefox, navigate to "about:config" and set the following setting to "true": signed.applets.codebase_principal_support

The first time you navigate to the self-check page, you will have to click through a series of warnings based on some preferences the self-check code sets.  Make sure you tell the browser to remember the decision to Allow the preference changes.

You will also need a code fix that I just committed.  You will get this with the next update (or I can manually patch if you are eager to test).
Q.) Does Equinox have a minimum hardware/OS requirement for self checkout?

A.) It's not a very heavy application, but I would recommend 512+ RAM.  Hardware/OS doesn't make much difference, as long as it can run Firefox.

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