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4.1. Installation of the Evergreen Staff Client in Mac Environments

1. Fetch & install latest Xulrunner from here:


2. Fetch the staff client build directory you want to run.  For example:


3. Unpack the build directory somewhere, e.g. Desktop.

4. Open Terminal app and navigate to the directory where the "build" directory is sitting, then follow these steps (don't type the $'s):

$ cd ~/Desktop/
$ APPNAME=StaffClientKCLSProd
$  sudo rm -rf "/Applications/$APPNAME.app";
$ /Library/Frameworks/XUL.framework/xulrunner-bin --install-app build /Applications "$APPNAME.app";

You now have an application in your Applications folder called "StaffClientKCLSProd".  You can run it directly from there w/ the usual double-click. 

If you want to run the application with the console for debugging, continue like this:

$ cd "/Applications/$APPNAME.app/Contents/";
$ MacOS/xulrunner Resources/application.ini -console

To update, repeat steps 2-4, changing the APPNAME variable depending on which Evergreen server you want to talk to.  

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