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3.1. Support Procedures

To Submit a support issue via email: support@esilibrary.com -- When submitting an email ticket please remember to supply as much information as possible. This includes the steps taken to create the issue, what you were originally trying to do, and what actually happened after you took those steps. Usually the support staff try and recreate the issue so that they may fully understand the issue and resolve it quickly. If provided with enough information to recreate the problem, we can formulate a solution for you quickly and efficiently.

To submit or check on a request via the web portal: http://support.esilibrary.com -- When logging in for the first time, first select "Check on a Request." Enter your email address as shown above and click 'Retrieve password' to have a password generated and emailed to you. This password will allow you to check on all tickets submitted. To check on one specific request, enter the access key that can be found in the confirmation of submission email that you receive after a ticket is created. There is also a link in the confirmation email that will take you directly to the ticket to update or retrieve more information.

To Call in Urgent Support Issues: 1-877-OPEN-ILS Option 2. Our phone number can also be found on the support web portal should you need to find it quickly. Urgent issues include, but are not necessarily limited to: system down scenarios, complete loss of searching or circulation, or other complete loss of functionality scenarios.

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