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3.1. When to run AutoGen

*If you change any of the following, you must run autogen:*

1.      The org unit name

2.      The org unit shortname (policy code)

3.      The type of the org unit (System, Branch, BookMobile, etc)

4.      The position of the org unit within the tree (moved to another parent; moved up to the System level under PINES; etc)

5.      The visibility of the org unit

6.      Adding an org unit

7.      Adding an org unit type

8.      The removal of an org units or locales

9.      If you add a locale  - there is no interface for this yet ^1.6

10.  If you add a new org "lasso"- there is no interface for this yet ^1.6

11.  If you change the fm_IDL.xml file - developers only

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